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Add Value Through Intellectual Property Valuations

Tangible assets often only account for a small proportion of a company's market value. The main value in the balance sheet often resides in 'Intangibles'. Intangibles can be managed to extract more value, enhancing commercial success and increasing stakeholder satisfaction. Knowledge within the company is a key part of its 'intangibles' and intellectual property valuation is important in this .

Knowledge presents itself in employee's skills and capabilities and in the documented sources within the business. Documented knowledge is an intellectual asset and potentially the most valuable of all intangibles as it secures the knowledge; intellectual property (IP) rights protect documented knowledge. Intellectual property management can extract more value from the IP portfolio.

Intellectual property valuation assists extracting value from knowledge and IP can take various forms. An early stage is to align the company's knowledge management processes with its aspirations. For most businesses the goal is to achieve this in a flexible way without excessive bureaucracy.

Intellectual property management
In managing knowledge and extracting value from intellectual property if the tension between a desire for maximum flexibility (no procedures, little documentation) and rigidity (too highly defined business processes) is too great the likely consequences are leakage from the business, wasted resources, and missed opportunities.

Connect IP can offer intellectual property valuations and provide the skills to work with you to better understand the value chain within your business; where knowledge fits within it, and the inter-dependencies of one link to another in the knowledge value chain.

To help you find the gaps in your intellectual property management systems we have included on this site a check list for you to use.

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